Breaking the ‘logistics=cost centre’ paradigm with Saint Gobain-⁠⁠Gyproc

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Customer Testimonial: Shekhar Kulkarni, Head of Supply Chain, Saint Gobain India-Gyproc Business

For a start-up, the first customer matters as much as the first investor and the founding team. Saint Gobain-Gyproc was the first shipper to adopt the Freight Tiger platform in 2017; ever since then Shekhar Kulkarni, Head of Supply Chain, has been a source of inspiration and guidance.

Shekhar Kulkarni, Head of Supply Chain, Saint Gobain Gyproc.

This video is a testimonial of the powerful partnership between a company with 350 years of history and a young start-up.

Our application of systems thinking to solve for a customer’s customer has been reinforced by the innovative team at Saint Gobain-Gyproc. Their propensity for experimentation encourages us to push our boundaries and deliver the best. They have been an early adopter of all our new products and we have truly enjoyed our partnership throughout the journey. 

We would like to thank Pawan Transport for introducing us to Saint Gobain-Gyproc; the trust transport and logistics companies place in us enable us to drive evolution in the logistics industry, replacing legacy processes with empowering technology.  This is how we imagine the future of logistics – a supply-chain ecosystem that thrives on collaboration and fuels business growth for all stakeholders, providing the best experience to the end-customer. 

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Published on 05 Dec 2020


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