The freight industry doesn't need a solution. It needs a paradigm shift.

With good data and the right technology, the industry can surmount the difficult problems it faces today and evolve for the better.

In 2015, when we looked at how the freight industry operated, we saw processes that were outdated and inefficient, unnecessary losses of time and money, and an extreme lack of transparency.

We looked at the solutions available and realised it would be very hard for them to make a significant impact; in such a sprawling industry that's been growing for decades, how can improving one component make a difference?

We saw a need for a different kind of technology, one that could only be built by a different kind of company. That's why we founded Freight Tiger.

We're building an operating system 
to power the entire industry.

When someone asks us what we do, we're a bit at a loss for words. The best analogy is of computer software and its Operating System. Imagine all the entities of the freight industry - Transporters, 3PLs, Consignors, Consignees, Drivers, etc. as applications running processes to complete tasks.

To make the system run more efficiently, you could try to replace one of the applications with a different one and make a marginal improvement. But what would make a bigger substantial difference is upgrading the Operating System that all the applications work on. An Operating System that lets them transfer data much more efficiently, and gives them the tools to analyse their own operations and iterate for improved efficiency.

That's what we're building; the Operating System that drives and elevates the operations of the entire Freight industry.

We're already making a difference.

Some of the largest organisations around India are already seeing a difference from switching to the Freight Tiger Platform. From increased efficiency due to higher visibility to reduction in costs because of increased clarity of communications and reduced Turn-Around-Times.

Client - Damco
Client - Saint Gobain
Client - Owens Corning
Client - DHL
Client - Prakash Parcel
Client - BLR Logistiks

Where do we go from here?

We're working tirelessly everyday, doing on-ground research to uncover the industry business needs, to pushing the envelope on the tech required to make all this happen.

It's hard work, but extremely satisfying. We're building a stellar team to power our vision, and we're looking for talented, sincere individuals who are as excited about this as we are. If you're one of them, we'd love to have you on the team.

The Team

Swapnil Shah

Swapnil Shah

CEO & Founder

Brings over 14 years of experience in operations, having worked with some of the world’s biggest companies; Dana Holding Corp. and Caterpillar Logistics Inc. He holds a BE and MS in Metallurgical Engineering and an MBA from Harvard Business School.

Amol Shah

Amol Shah


Amol uses his 10+ years of experience in supply chain and procurement with Apple to build robust operational capabilities with us. He holds a BE in Production Engineering, MS in Industrial Engineering and an MBA from Harvard.

Pramod Jajoo

Pramod Jajoo

Technology & Product

Pramod brings over 25 years experience on Product and Technology in startups. He has built market leading software products in eCommerce, SaaS, mobile applications and consumer internet applications. He holds a BE in CS from BITS Pilani and MS in CS from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Ram Adhikari

Ram Adhikari


Ram has over 14 years of experience in delivering enterprise class web and mobile applications at Amazon, Intuit and Microsoft. Tinkers with interesting neural algorithms and Arduino in his leisure hours and has co-authored six US patents in artificial intelligence and data processing. Ram went to IIT Delhi.

Jatin Luthra

Jatin Luthra


Jatin brings over 17 years of experience in Supply chain, strategy and sales across manufacturing, FMCG, pharma, retail and technology firms. Jatin worked at JDA Software and Zomato prior to Freight Tiger. He went IIT Kharagpur and ISB.

Sachin Goel

Sachin Goel


Sachin brings with him 14 years of strong Startup and Product Management experience in logistics. He was part of leadership at MoveInSync, a VC funded enterprise transportation company. He holds a BE in Computer Science and MBA from ISB.

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