Accelerated Growth for All

Our vision

To help build an equitable, no waste, sustainable logistics industry in India through collaboration with all stakeholders- transport companies, shippers, transport associations, fleet owners, and drivers.

Why do we do this?

Because we care. And we’re in a unique position to make this happen, because our completely neutral platform brings the entire ecosystem together.

Our environmental and social solutions create long-term industry shifts that benefit everyone.

Upskilling Drivers

We empower drivers by providing much-needed training and education

We have built on-ground partnerships with industry experts to teach drivers about health and well-being, basic digital literacy, and how to access government schemes.


Increasing Road Safety

We combine digital and operational expertise to reduce accidents in freight transport

Technology solutions like our Control Tower and real-time tracking and visibility during trips ensure accidents are proactively avoided. We also partner with shippers and associations to adopt way-side facilities for driver rest.


Reducing Emissions

We are helping eliminate upto 220 million tonnes of CO2 emissions

Trucking accounts for the largest share of emissions in India in the transportation sector. Freight Tiger optimises processes across the supply chain through doing reverse trip management, increasing operational efficiency by reducing idling and TAT, and training drivers in efficient driving techniques.


Impact on your business


Driver retention

Our cost-effective initiatives improve drivers’ skills and health, increase loyalty, and reduce attrition, all of which improve your bottom line.


Higher asset utilization

We increase the number of fulfilled backhaul trips and reduce loss of consignments due to accidents in-transit.


Reduced transit time

We’ve partnered with Transport Mitra to conduct on-ground audits of loading and unloading at customer plants.


Increased repeat vehicle

By investing in programs and facilities in the plant and en-route, you attract more repeat drivers and transport companies. This increases % indent fulfillment and reduces transport costs.


Better fuel efficiency

Through a mix of product innovation and our social initiatives, we seek to transform freight transport to a more resilient, sustainable industry.

Partner Associations

All India transport companies Welfare Association
Karnataka Goods transport companies Association
Bombay Goods Transport Association
Internet and Mobile Association of India

Want to partner with us?

Through a mix of product innovation and our social initiatives, we seek to transform freight transport to a more resilient, sustainable industry. However, we cannot dothis alone. Freight Tiger wants to partner with shippers, transport companies and associations to create change across the industry.

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