Elevated Logistics Visibility with Our Latest Product Updates

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In our commitment to facilitating seamless freight journeys, we are continuously updating our visibility suite

Our latest updates redefine logistics visibility and control, spanning from robust vehicle verification, guaranteeing RTO compliance and penalty reduction, to FASTag integration for an additional location tracking source, ensuring maximum tracking continuity. Achieve faster response times to journey exceptions with zero manual intervention, and delve into granular operational insights through multiple geofencing, along with many more advanced features. Let’s dive in!

Vahan Integration for Vehicle Verification

🔍The Issue: With vehicles carrying goods of high value, the absence of proper vehicle verification may lead to detentions, delayed deliveries, sales losses, high penalties, and increased operational costs.

 🚀 The Solution: The Freight Tiger integration automatically validates crucial vehicle information before a trip, including RC expiry, vehicle tax, PUCC, vehicle insurance, permits, and more.

 ✨ The Result: Reduced RTO-related risks, lower penalties, enhanced SLA compliance, and improved fraud prevention measures in the logistics journey

Vehicle Verification in Logistics

Elevating our location tracking capabilities with FASTag based tracking

🔍The Issue: Tracking interruptions may arise from delayed or missing driver consent, mid-trip driver changes, a switched-off driver’s phone, network fluctuations, and various other factors.

🚀 The Solution: Introducing integration with FASTag which acts as additional location tracking for vehicles crossing toll plazas.

The Result: 

  • Improved tracking percentage and minimized tracking interruptions
  • End-of-trip toll summaries that provide a detailed breakdown of all crossed tolls, including estimated toll costs useful for auditing purposes
  • Information on the number of tolls crossed on a trip also helps ensure that the vehicle has followed the desired/optimal route agreed upon
FASTag based location tracking

Intelligent exception management system

🔍The Issue: Manual communication delays for journey exceptions leading to late deliveries and missed SLAs.

🚀 The Solution: Inbound and Outbound IVR systems to automate and speed up the response time to journey exceptions. From detecting exceptions to understanding root causes, and actionable insights for your team to take prompt resolution actions—accomplish all of this without any manual intervention!

The Result: 

  • Gain timely insights into trip statuses by automatically capturing driver updates and responses to journey exceptions
  • Immediate and effective two-way communication with a dedicated inbound hotline for journey updates, issue reporting, and assistance
  • Substantial reduction in reliance on manpower for resolving journey exceptions

Schedule a Trip for Advance Planning

🔍The Issue: Impromptu and late-night trip planning causing challenges in dispatching, obtaining consent, and achieving high tracking percentages.

🚀 The Solution: Create and schedule all your trips 24 hours in advance, including bulk upload of future trips, effortlessly. Ensures that your logistics operations are finely tuned to match your specific scheduling requirements.

The Result

  • Streamlined dispatches with higher consent rates and tracking percentages
  • Seamlessly plan late-night trips within standard working hours for enhanced operational flexibility

Configure Multiple Circular & Polygon Geofence for Enhanced Precision

🔍The Issue: Monitoring logistics operations within specific areas, such as plants, yards, and parking zones, becomes challenging without well-defined geofences. This lack of precision can result in challenges when optimizing the transportation process.

🚀 The Solution: Define specific geofences with its unique parameters, such as size, shape – circular or irregular polygons, and associated actions, tailored to specific operational requirements.

The Result: 

  • Defined geofences provide granular insights into Turnaround Time (TAT) and detentions through precise timestamps 
  • Customized SLAs based on unique logistics milestones enhance operational efficiency and ensure compliance

In summary, our unwavering commitment to optimizing freight journeys is showcased through continuous updates to our visibility suite. Join us on this journey as we redefine the standards of efficiency and reliability in freight logistics.

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Published on 05 Jan 2024

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