Drivers Day Utsav- thoda jamke with Freight Tiger, Saint Gobain Gyproc and Transport Mitra

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Appreciating and respecting drivers for their job shouldn’t be a one-day affair but it is a great start to acknowledging that without their efforts, the economy wouldn’t move forward.” Swapnil Shah, Founder & CEO, Freight Tiger.

Drivers of Saint-Gobain celebrated Drivers Day Utsav with a festive fever, courtesy Saint Gobain Gyproc and Freight Tiger.

“Celebrating the work of our Drivers on this day is our way of expressing Saint Gobain’s commitment towards improving the eco-system and sustainability of Indian Logistics.” -says Shekhar Kulkarni, Head, Supply Chain, Saint Gobain Gyproc.

“This is the second year Freight Tiger has collaborated with Saint Gobain and Transport Mitra for the Drivers Day Utsav and it’s becoming a mainstay on our calendar. Most drivers don’t expect there to be a day celebrating their hard work, so we make it a point to organize activities that are light and fun. This allows them to break away from their stressful job for a few hours and celebrate. More importantly, different stakeholders come together (like plant managers and their team, transport company managers) to create a platform for drivers to voice their feedback. Appreciating and respecting drivers for their job shouldn’t be a one-day affair but it is a great start to acknowledging that without their efforts, the economy wouldn’t move forward.We look forward to taking this to more customers and locations next year to celebrate as many drivers as we can.”- Swapnil Shah, Founder & CEO, Freight Tiger

“Drivers carry our finished products to the hands of Customer safely, going through the challenging roads, statutory authorities and its indeed to respect & honour them, show that we care for them.” – Harish V, Plant Head, Saint Gobain Gyproc, Horahalli

“A wonderful day invested with the hardworking & dedicated drivers of our country, who all are doing most important and demanding job. Thank you for your professionalism & the sacrifices you make in growth of the country !!!!” – Himanshu Bharadwaj, Plant Head, Saint Gobain Gyproc, Jhagadia

The thoughts of the organising Companies are clearly reflected in acon on the Drivers Day Utsav 2021 being held at their Horahalli and Jhagadia plants.

When it comes to the likes and dislikes of the highway drivers, who could understand them beer than Transport Mitra? And the unanimous choice of both Saint Gobain Gyproc and their partners Freight Tiger was obviously TransportMitra.

A day of fun and frolic with a strict ration on bhashan. Any driver related function or training, the event managers, Transport Mitra doesn’t fail to include the quint-essential safety angle to the event. The function was declared open by lighting the traditional Kuthu vellaku (Deepam) by the senior drivers and the officials jointly. The air was reverberating with patriotic fervour with all singing the National Anthem in unison. Each and every driver took oath of safety, with now a trademark style of TransportMitra, what they call as Ten Commandments followed by signing the Safety Pledge canvas, along with their Plant Head, Mr Harish V and other officials who were present. This is a day where stress couldn’t sneak in. And for that matter why only on this day but a way to minimise it from their lives. All the drivers actively participated in the eye and breathing exercises under the guidance of Mr. Surendra Sinh and YT Yogesh ,both veteran Yoga trainers –Yoga Sanjeevani a Holistic Wellness Program . Participating in the game, tug-of-war, is the most eagerly awaited game for the drivers, pan India. Their enthusiasm and Joshare worth watching. Musical chair is yet another game that the driver community loves. Playing the game with local kannada music was adding to their fun. Next in line was the event close to their heart. Dancing floor thrown open to them. Maybe, they are not professional dancers but surely it was an item worth watching. Initially a few drivers were on the stage which slowly swelled to a big number with the popular kannada beats. We requested Freight Tiger’s representative, Ms Sakshi Hingorani to be a judge to pick up a few, among these amateur dancers who stood out with their performance. Gyproc honoured their Drivers of the year with a citation and a token gift. Keeping in mind the concept that the Drivers Day Utsav is meant for honouring and recognising the contribution of the warriors of the Highways, every participant driver of the celebrations was given a gift hamper, fruits and a big salute from their Company Officials.

Jhagadia is yet another remote hamlet of Gujarat where Gyproc plant is situated. The scene was no different from Horahalli. Despite the constant drizzle, enthusiasm of the participants and the company officials was not dampened a bit. The full Covid protocol of Antigen test, temperature and O2 levels were checked for all those assembled for the Utsav. The most impressive part of the function was the constant presence of the officials right from the word go. Their Plant Head, Mr Himanshu Bharadwaj and the Logistics Head, Mr Mahendra Solanki were omni present interacting freely with their drivers. An air of festive was built. Hats off Saint Gobain! The agenda of Horahalli was replicated here too. The Health & Fitness class by Sri Surendra Sinh and his deputy, Vimal Dave was lapped by not only the drivers but also the officials present at the venue. Added attraction was the Acupressure Tool Kit which was distributed to all, to combat stress and driver fatigue. The veteran Yoga master explained the benefits followed by practical demonstration of how to use the tool kit. To showcase equal treatment, the Company organised common lunch for all in their staff canteen.

All the participant at Jhagadia as well as Horahalli received wind cheaters as a gift. At both the events, best drivers and best transporters serving Saint Gobain Gyproc were felicitated and honoured with certificates.

Drivers Day shouldn’t be only demonstrate but a way of enlightening the Transport world about these indispensable Sadak key Sipahi for the industry and the economy of the country. Along with it of course comes the main moo of awakening the slumbering self-esteem of this socially neglected driver fraternity.

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