Introducing Our Industry-Leading Supply Chain Analytics Product

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We’re excited to launch our revamped supply chain analytics product – FT Insights, which we believe sets a new standard in the industry for freight and business intelligence analytics products.

What truly sets our product apart is the recent integration of Microsoft Power BI. By harnessing the powerful capabilities of Power BI and leveraging Microsoft’s integration with Open AI, Freight Tiger is now in position to develop cutting-edge NLP capabilities on top of analytics data, completely revolutionizing the way you analyze operational and business data. This development propels our capabilities to a new level, providing you with unprecedented insights and possibilities.

Comprehensive Analytics Stack: Taking a Holistic Approach

We understand the importance of a streamlined workflow in deriving insights without delay. That’s why our holistic approach includes seamless integration with your existing ERP, TMS, CRM, and other data sources through pre-built APIs. This integration ensures a seamless flow of data into our analytics platform, enabling you to make data-driven decisions faster. Our solution goes beyond basic data reporting to provide you with comprehensive analytics stack which covers:

  • Data ingestion, integrated data storage, and warehousing
  • Data Processing, analytics, visualization, and reporting
  • Advanced data security and governance
  • Seamless integration (pre-built APIs) with your existing ERP, TMS, CRM and other data sources

This holistic approach ensures a streamlined and efficient analytics workflow, empowering you to derive insights without delay.

Accelerated Time to Insights

Our goal is to help you gain valuable insights as quickly as possible. To achieve this, we offer the following features:

Self-Service Analytics – Integrated chatbot with NLP capabilities

By integrating NLP capabilities, our plan is to make it easy for everyone to extract insights through a no-code solution, while reducing dependency on IT resources.

Control Tower Chatbot - Supply Chain Analytics

Powerful Supply-Chain Analytics Dashboards – Standard & Premium

Our logistics analytics solutions empower you to make informed decisions by providing deep insights into your transportation operations.

  • Do you want to track the deviation of your planned budget from the actual spend?
  • Do you want to know current market transportation rates (ptpk) for your lanes based on real-time market conditions?
  • Do you want to monitor your carbon emissions from your operations?

Our powerful upcoming dashboards surpass ordinary data visualisation, offering solutions to many more such use-cases by leveraging real-time and historical data from millions of variables across industries and companies.

Freight Benchmarking - Supply Chain Analytics

Sneak Peak of Roadmap

We are continuously enhancing our product to meet the evolving needs of our customers. In the near future, we have planned additional releases, premium dashboards and experience. These launches will provide even more flexibility and comprehensive insights into your supply chain and logistics operations.

Future of Supply Chain Analytics

Features that went live: Targeted Analysis and Simplified Dashboards

Drill-Down Features

To identify bottlenecks, discrepancies or delays in your supply chain.

Advance Filter

Refine and narrow down your operational performance based on filters for zones, channels, plants, etc for a targeted analysis.

Consolidated Standard Dashboards

We have streamlined our analytics offering by creating 10 comprehensive standard dashboards. These dashboards have been designed to provide you with a simplified and user-friendly interface, allowing you to effortlessly access and navigate through your operational analytics.

With our revamped FT Insights products powered by Microsoft Power BI and Open AI integration, you can unlock the true potential of your data. Gain unprecedented insights, optimize your supply chain, and make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward. Contact us today to learn more about how our supply chain and logistics analytics solutions can benefit your organization. To know more: Get in touch.

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Published on 04 Jul 2023


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