ePOD – A smarter way to record proof of deliveries on-spot

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Nucleus product newsletter – Edition 4

With the ever-increasing push for digitization, agility, and sustainability, digital solutions like ePOD are becoming the need of the hour for the supply chain industry. In this issue of Nucleus, we are highlighting some new features that we have added to our already hot-selling product ePOD.


ePOD – A smarter way to record proof of deliveries on-spot. It helps you drive customer delivery experience, run smoother operations, reduce freight cost and eliminate the long payment cycles with your LSP partners.

Shrink your POD submission time by 95%

User-friendly interface for easy ePOD uploads by your drivers and consignees. ePOD can be uploaded via multiple modes like our app, IVR, and website login (depending on your industry type).

ePOD submissions are secured by OTP-based validation by the consignment receiver.

ePOD validation via OTP

Resolve disputes & customer grievances in real-time

Get real-time delivery status of each material type in your unloaded goods and address any delivery issues on the spot.

With ePOD, you can:

  • Report damages at the SKU level
  • Capture delivery proofs as photos & videos to ensure insurance claims in the future
POD submission approval for LSP

Enjoy 2-3% freight negotiation with your LSPs

The ePOD data can be passed to our payments module that initiates the payments approval process as soon as the ePOD is confirmed.

This helps restore working capital for your LSPs and gives you the advantage to negotiate freight rates.

POD submission lifecycle with and without ePODs

Measure delivery performance

Measure transport company, route & material-specific delivery performance instantly. Get transporter performance scorecards based on delivery SLAs and quality of goods received.

Delivery performance across transporters

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Published on 18 Apr 2022


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