Industry’s most advanced supply chain control tower supported by a ticketing platform & WhatsApp chatbot

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Nucleus product newsletter – Edition 3

PRODUCT IN FOCUS: Industry’s most advanced supply chain control tower supported by a ticketing platform & WhatsApp chatbot.

Just as the nucleus is the brain of the cell, FT platform plays a similar role to your logistics operations. Our control tower software is designed to manage all your freight operations centrally including journey management, exceptions, alerts & more. It gives you a cockpit view of your entire logistics operations in one screen.

Delivery diversions – no more!

Introducing the new diversion alert that studies your consignee locations, suspected diversion points, preferred routes & other utility locations like dhabas, tolls, and resting points to highlight the sure or suspected diversion cases.

Take the help of our team of experts or have your dedicated team proactively work on potential diversion cases with ease using our ticketing platform.

Diversions alert on the Freight Tiger platform

Say goodbye to e-way bill expiry penalties

Using the e-way bill expiry alert, get notified in advance about trips that need an extension in the e-way bill validity.

You can also receive daily reports of all e-way bill expiry susceptible cases. Take the required action yourself or have the same managed by your LSP partner.

Alerts on e-Way bill expiry on the Freight Tiger TMS

­Deliver on time with ease

The STA breach alert notifies you if a vehicle is running past the standard time of arrival. This gives an idea about deliveries that would be delayed.

The transit delay alert notifies you as soon as it is detected that the vehicle’s current ETA is behind the expected ETA. This helps you identify the vehicles that need to cover up the distance in order to reach on time.

Alerts to notify ETA on Freight Tiger platform

View all your vehicles pan India, on one screen

Best suited to the executive level users, one of the most powerful features of our Control Tower is the map view of all your vehicles on one single screen.

Zoom into the map of India to see where your vehicles are, at any point in time. Click on the vehicle icon to get all information pertaining to the freight carried.

During the past couple of years, Our Control Tower has helped many customers monitor and manage their vehicles amidst the challenges & restrictions that arose due to the pandemic.

View all your trucks in one view on Freight Tiger platform

Want to see our Freight Tiger platform in action? You can schedule a demo here.

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