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Nucleus: Product Newsletter – Edition 1


FT Visibility – Our most popular product to track & trace

Here are some amazing new feature updates and details around how you can use them to plan your operations better, secure your consignments in-transit, manage data access within your organization, & more.

Plan your unloading workforce, timeline, inventory, and storage

Plan your loading operations like a pro with this feature on your my trips page that helps you sort & filter the incoming vehicles based on their ETA.

You can also filter trips by – ‘arriving today’, ‘arriving tomorrow’ or see all vehicles arriving in selected ETA time range to calculate the manpower required for unloading operations.

Viewing incoming vehicles based on ETA on Freight Tiger visibility platform

Secure your high-value consignments

Introducing RedZone geofence, a feature that lets you create multiple points of interest (POIs) on the required routes and receive alerts whenever a truck enters or exits the geofence of the POI.

The POI area can be defined as a no-go zone or restricted entry area as per your business rules and can be hence monitored by your Control Tower team. Contact you Freight Tiger CSM to describe your use-case & get this enabled for you.

Tracking vehicles in real-time on Freight Tiger visibility platform

Find your vehicle’s location in a flash

Say goodbye to buffering with our enhanced in-product search that now allows you to search billions of records and get the results in just milliseconds.

Search information by trip, shipment, invoice, LR or vehicle number.

Finding vehicles with the trip no. in visibility platform

FT Logins as per your organizational hierarchy

Sometimes, less is more. With this feature you can give data access to only the relevant teams by creating Freight Tiger logins for select locations so users have access to trip data of just those select branches & their movements. You can create logins for your regional and zonal managers.

As always, you will have the option to create logins for all or just one location.

Reports on transport companies on Freight Tiger platform

Get in touch to get started with Freight Tiger visibility platform.

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