Don’t let journey disruptions derail your deliveries

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Logistics disruptions such as long stoppages, detentions, deviations, and night driving significantly impact a company’s bottom line and if not overseen regularly, is a missed opportunity for savings. More importantly, delays and damages can lead to longer delivery cycles, unhappy customers and poor service, further impacting your company’s profitability.

Here’s a staggering fact: Every month over 3.2 million logistics disruption alerts are generated on Freight Tiger’s platform across customers for more than 600,000 freight-carrying vehicles. That’s a lot of unexpected bumps in the road!

The Solution

Freight Tiger has built a team of 150+ logistics experts to support your business in managing exceptions faster and efficiently. Managed Services is an add-on to FT’s Control Tower to help drive your desired business outcomes across different operations- from indent fulfilment & placement efficiency, all the way to tracking & ePOD submissions.

Here’s how we customise the solution for each customer

Before deploying Managed services on-ground, we map the processes for resolution of journey disruption to your unique business needs. Our team conducts an extensive deep dive by understanding your current plant processes, defining objectives, and ensuring training and onboarding of new recruits. The new recruits can then be stationed at your plant or our central Freight Tiger office.

Simultaneously, alerts can be prioritised based on your business requirements, for e.g. if night driving is strictly prohibited, they will be pushed to the top and resolved first by our team. Moreover, there are built-in escalations for each alert, which can be triggered based on your specific configurations.

With our reliable managed services team on hand to handle any on-ground challenges, you can stay focused on your core business priorities without any distractions.

Here are some key deliverables for our Managed Services team

Improved Tracking Percentage: Achieve 100% Freight Tracking

Our team proactively coordinates with drivers, transporters, and plant teams to get tracking consent and identify and resolve tracking interruptions by calling up drivers during the transit journey.

Manage Journey Exceptions: Reduce Delays and Damages- On-Time, In-Full Deliveries Every Time

Our system prioritises alerts generated to ensure real-time reporting and immediate on-ground support for critical cases/incidents. Future exceptions are reduced by identifying trends through data analysis to provide your team with actionable insights on TAT reduction, in-plant optimisations, damage reductions, etc.

Solve Diversions and Lead Correction

Diversions are automatically detected with precise accuracy for all primary and secondary movement. Real-time action is taken by our team to resolve suspected unauthorised diversion. Our team follows a systematic approach to correct outdated origin and destination addresses resulting in significant cost savings by reducing lead distance.

Add-Ons for Journey Management

In addition to our managed services team, we have 2 adds on to further expedite the process of identifying and prioritising critical exceptions. They include:

Ticketing Solution

Automate, organise & prioritise journey exceptions and escalations to take time-bound actions with our ticketing platform. Map specific exceptions to the right POCs within your organisation for faster resolution.

Cloud Telephony

Improve response time to customer queries with advanced routing, self-service and multi-level IVR distribution for inbound and outbound calls.

Sample use case for ticketing and cloud telephony

Implementing changes to your current operations can be challenging but the business impact generated from correct exceptions management can be significant. They includes reduction in freight cost, higher sales fulfilment, improved operational metrics, and improved end-to-end customer service.

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Published on 26 Jun 2023


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