Driver Empowerment at Freight Tiger

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Over the last several years, Freight Tiger has been working on bringing key logistics stakeholders onto one common platform. We’re extending our commitment to collaboration by creating tangible impact on the ground for drivers.

By empowering them with the necessary resources, we are making them a part of the solution and increasing their contribution to the logistics industry’s growth. We did this by creating a one of a kind partnership with Saint Gobain Gyproc and Indian Oil to launch our first Driver Empowerment Facility in Godhra, Gujarat.

Video: Driver empowerment facility
Video: See our first driver empowerment facility

The facility is open for all- free of cost with all the necessary amenities to cater to drivers’ needs in-transit. By doing so, they can now rest better, leading to the safe delivery of consignments and improved on-time delivery- without compromising their well-being. This initiative goes beyond just benefiting drivers; it also fosters better relationships between drivers, shippers, & transport/logistics companies, improves vehicle availability for shippers and transport companies/logistics service providers due to increased driver loyalty, while prioritising the safety and job security of the driver community.

Over time, we will be taking our initiative a step further by partnering with customers to launch a driver benefits program. This includes trip insurance, a provident fund for financial security, and more. We’re also upgrading our platform to map critical touch points like hospitals and fire stations to improve emergency response time. We’re keen to partner with shippers, transport companies, and logistics service providers to scale this initiative and reach as many driver partners as possible to make a significant impact.

If you wish to partner with us please connect with Sakshi on the below mentioned email: sakshi.hingorani@freighttiger.com 

Some images of the facility

Snapshot of facility
Snapshot of facility
Secure, tiled parking with CCTV cameras available for all drivers to keep consignments safe
Secure, tiled parking with CCTV cameras available for all drivers to keep consignments safe
Drivers resting comfortably inside the facility during their stop
Drivers resting comfortably inside the facility during their stop

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Published on 29 May 2023


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